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One-on-one coaching is a terrific way to explore the writing process.

The Writing Studio offers academic writing tutoring for students who would benefit from individualized lessons. Students engage in the learning process as we custom-design our sessions based on their needs. Topics can include how to brainstorm, organize, draft, and revise a solid essay. Students can also review grammar and mechanics and learn how to avoid common mistakes.

The Writing Studio offers individual creative writing sessions for students who love to write fiction, poetry, or both! Character, setting, dialogue, and imagery are just a few of the elements we can cover.

If you’re looking to tell your story in a memoir, craft sharper prose in the workplace, apply to a graduate program, or even just refresh your punctuation skills, The Writing Studio offers individual sessions to help set you on the right path. Let us know what your needs are, and we’ll tailor the coaching for you.

The essay is an essential component of the college application. Every senior has a story to tell. The Writing Studio can guide applicants through the process and help each student find the words to tell that story.

More Details

Tutoring Details

  • Tutoring sessions are typically 60 minutes, but times can be flexible.
  • Tutoring can take place in-person or via Zoom.
  • Sessions with Julie Albright are $75/hour.
    Sessions with all other tutors are $70/hour.
  • All tutors at The Writing Studio have up-to-date criminal and child abuse clearances.
  • We typically send an invoice via Intuit QuickBooks that can be paid online with any bank card. Fees may be also be paid by check, payable to The Writing Studio.
  • Tutoring appointments can take place on a regular, ongoing schedule, or they can be on an as-needed basis.
  • There is a 24-hour cancellation policy; otherwise you will be charged in full except in cases of a true emergency. Please make every attempt to keep your appointments.


Until September 30th, 2018, purchase 6 hour-long sessions for the price of just 5.

Call 412.362.4714 or email
for details.

Contact Information

Call or email us today to talk about the kind of writing help you’re seeking. We’ll match you with the tutor who is best suited to your needs!

Mailing Address:

The Writing Studio
153 South Fairmount Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Telephone: 412.362.4714



Julie has edited a number of my scholarly manuscripts (published in academic journals). Every time Julie goes through a manuscript, my co-authors and I are blown away by the end result—the writing improves tenfold. Moreover, Julie works in a timely manner, returning the (10,000 word+) manuscripts much sooner than expected. I highly recommend Julie for anyone in need of copy editing.

Professor Julian Givi, West Virginia University

The Writing Studio provided me excellent direction and mentoring during a crucial stage in my creative career. Johanna's advice and guidance helped me make several important decisions that pointed me in the right direction and relieved a great deal of stress!

Joe Coohill, freelance writer and educator

Jodie has done such a great job with our daughter — her writing has improved by leaps and bounds.

Susan Belville

Jodie was amazing and I really enjoyed our session. She made me feel comfortable, and writing in general makes me feel extremely uncomfortable! It was truly a no judgment zone and gave me some great tips and items to get started on.

Kelly Kowalski

Almost Authors allowed me to get my creative juices flowing while learning some amazing writing skills that I now use in my everyday writing.

Anisha Willis

I remember Almost Authors as a formative experience in my love for language. Now that I’ve been a literature teacher for several years, I look back on the creative expression and experimentation with language that Julie and the Almost Authors program encouraged and realize that it helped me understand myself and the world. To this day, I seek to create the same welcoming and encouraging space for my own literature students that I had with Almost Authors.

Kate Stasik

Julie's techniques help kids to bring out what's already in their brains and hearts. She is a perfect example of non-pushy motivation.

Tülin Kozikoğlu

I'm so grateful you've built so much trust with my son over the years that he's comfortable sharing his poetry with you. It's a rare and welcome glimpse into his teenage head.

Sarah Galusha

I really enjoyed the summer workshop and I thought that it was very effective. This workshop taught me a great deal of writing tips, skills, and techniques, as I walked out of camp every day having learned something new. I look forward to attending again!

Yael Eiben

My college freshman and middle school-age daughters have been tutored in English and writing by Julie Albright. Their time with Julie has solidified a fundamental knowledge of grammar and punctuation, and they now know how to research, organize and complete writing projects. My older daughter transitioned into college writing without any difficulty. She was well-prepared. Julie is a gifted teacher and she's fun to be around. Kids enjoy being with her!

Beth Saxon

Julie has helped me so much throughout my high school writing career. Coming from an elementary school with a very weak writing program and into a high school with an outstanding program put me very far behind the other students in terms of writing structure and style. However, within a few sessions of working with Julie, my teachers noticed that my writing and analysis had improved exponentially. I'm very glad to have had such excellent guidance in my early years.

Liz DeCarlo

In addition to teaching children the nuts and bolts of grammar, sentence structure, and paragraph formatting, she has the uncanny ability to teach them to become creative writers. Best I can tell, she helps them discover their own writing style by closely listening to their thoughts and ideas on a specific topic. She then shows them how to turn these ideas into creative prose. Over time, they become self-sufficient in their ability to turn their 'brainstorming' into well-written, beautiful, and unique essays that clearly embody their own thoughts.

Cathy McEllistrem

My son developed into a creative, organized writer with the help and guidance of Julie Albright. More importantly, he developed a strong appreciation of the written word.

Lynn Cauley

Julie has tutored my son every summer throughout his high school years. He has also attended the Almost Authors writing workshop each summer. Julie is very personable, and most importantly, she has always motivated Collin to do his best. He always looked forward to her writing workshop. The kids enjoy themselves and learn at the same time!

Kathy Raborn

Julie tutored each of our three sons during their challenging high school years. Through their sessions with her, each one began to enjoy the writing process more and to write with greater ease, and each became more confident in his writing abilities. They were able to hear and take suggestions from Julie that they couldn't from their mom and dad, so writing also became one less area of potential parent-child conflict.

Heather Lawrence

Since Julie has tutored/taught my teenagers how to really write a paper, I have never had to worry about their ability to express themselves correctly and get that A.

Carol Tabas

I absolutely loved the writing camp. It made me think of writing in a totally different way. I really never did poems, but after we did them in class, I wrote them all the time. I still do! I even use the outlines we did for our stories. The writing program is an incredible program that I would suggest trying.

Monica Tinsley

My daughter Monica attended Almost Authors for two years in a row and is hoping to attend again. We carpooled with other students and it was fun to hear them talking about how much they were enjoying themselves.

Marc Tinsley

I have gone to the Writing Studio summer workshop for as long as I have known Julie (7 years). Now that I'm going to college it pains me to realize that I won’t be able to participate in it this summer.

Tristan Caloyer

Top Ten Reasons Why The Writing Studio Was Awesome
  1. No one liked the fruit roll ups so I always got to eat them.
  2. Kept me off the streets. Just kidding.
  3. Writing has yet to get me in trouble for being mouthy on paper.
  4. Comfy atmosphere.
  5. My mom's happy because I spent my summer productively.
  6. I'm happy because it didn't really feel like it.
  7. Gave me an audience for my stories.
  8. The writing exercises were useful. And they sure beat English class.
  9. Writing let me create a way better reality. And by better, I mean more exciting.
  10. Ten is a really big number.
Emmie Rosenberg

I have worked with Julie since elementary school as a writer in her studio and classroom, and now she helps me with cover letters and essays. I wouldn't choose anybody else as an editor. She helps me get thoughts out of my own head and shows me how to put them on paper!

Elisa Long

After my youngest son left for college I decided to finally finish the Bachelors degree that I had started 25 years ago. I can honestly say I would have thrown in the towel after the first writing assignments at the University of Pittsburgh if I hadn’t had Julie there to help me along. Julie is an excellent tutor, very patient and with a great sense of humor to make the process fun. I highly recommend Julie — I have to friends and family, and no one has been disappointed.

Jackie Spagiare

Before I had lessons with Julie, my writing was a mess and my essays made no sense. After a few lessons I was a writing pro; I even submitted a few editorials to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. If you're looking for someone to help your child with writing skills, there is no one better than Julie Albright.

Dan Carretta